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GM extends its innovation in the form of intelligent switching devices with smart user-friendly functions for everyone and suitable LED lighting technology with innumerous variants in form and function. Look through innovations that showcases the infinite possibilities that happen at GM.


Luxury is every man’s desire, an essential need of grandeur and the extravagant existence. And all of it only comes when you indulge yourself in everything that is just out of the ordinary. It’s time you make that good decision, viewing the GM Catalogues and see how everything changes thereafter.

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We have made us come even closer to your needs. When you download the our Apps on your iOS or Android compatible phone, you have us on your finger tip.

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Explore the world of GM for a comprehensive experience of the GM world of switches and home automation. Watch videos, download catalogues, and browse through the entire GM range of smart products.

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Need to access catalogues on the go? Get the easy and convenient way to mobile-friendly catalogue library.

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