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Coaxial Cables at Best Price in India by GM Modular

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Coaxial Cables at Best Price in India - GM Modular

Coaxial Cable is an electrical cable that consists of a central conductor, insulating material, and a shield. It is commonly used for TV and internet connection due to its high bandwidth and low signal loss. GM Modular has Coaxial Cable at the best price in India. Please browse our website for the best quality coaxial cable.



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Different Coaxiable Cable types

The use of Coaxial Cables is to transmit high-frequency electrical signals with low signal loss. There are several types of Coaxial Cables, each with specific characteristics and applications. A coaxial audio cable is commonly used to transmit high-quality digital audio signals between devices such as a CD player, a sound system, or a TV. Here are some of the most common types of coaxial cables

RG 6:

RG 6 Coaxial Cables are commonly used in TV coaxial cable and satellite installations. It has a 75-ohm impedance and a thicker copper core than RG 59, which makes it better suited for longer cable runs.

RG 59F:

RG 59F Coaxial Cable is also used for CATV and satellite installations but is typically used for shorter cable runs. It has a 75-ohm impedance and a thinner copper core than RG 6

RG 11:

RG 11 Coaxial Cable is similar to RG 6 but has a thicker copper core and is better suited for longer cable runs. It is often used in commercial installations.

Choose a Wide Range of Coaxial Cable for Your Home - GM Modular

Coaxial cables can be used for various applications, such as cable television, satellite installations, wireless and cellular applications, consumer electronics, high-end video applications, and microwave antennas. Coaxial cables come in various types and sizes with different characteristics and applications. Some common types of coaxial cables include RG-6, RG-59, RG-11, LMR-400, miniature coaxial cables, triaxial cables, and semi-rigid coaxial cables. Choosing the suitable coaxial Cable depends on the specific application and the required performance characteristics, such as impedance, signal loss, and shielding.

Features and Benefits of Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cable is specially built with aluminium and copper shields and other components engineered to block signal interference and minimize signal loss. Features of coaxial Cable include:

Dual-Conductor design:

Coaxial Cable consists of two concentric conductors, an inner conductor, and an outer conductor separated by a dielectric material.

Low signal loss:

The dual conductor design and shielding of coaxial cables help reduce signal loss, making them ideal for high-frequency signals over long-distance.

Impedance matching:

The coaxial table is designed to match the impedance of the devices they connect, ensuring efficient signal transfer.


The coaxial cable has a shielding layer that helps protect the signal from extra interference and reduces noise.

Broad bandwidth:

Coaxial cables have a wide bandwidth, making them suitable for transmitting a range of frequencies.

These features make coaxial cables a popular choice for various applications, including tv coaxial cable in computer networks, satellite installation, cellular communication, and high-speed internet with coaxial cable connectors.

Benefits of Coaxial Cable

Easy to install:

Coaxial cables are easy to install as they do not require special tools and training.

Wide range of applications:

Coaxial cables are used in various applications, from cable tv and satellite installation to wireless and cellular communication.

Low signal loss:

Coaxial cables have low signals, which means they can transmit high-frequency signals over long distances without significant signal degradation.

High bandwidth:

Coaxial cables have high bandwidth, so they can transmit a large amount of data simultaneously, making them ideal for high-speed internet connection.

Choose the Suitable Coaxial Cable for Your Home

To choose the suitable coaxial Cable for your home, Consider the specific application you will use. Check the frequency range and impedance rating required by your equipment and service provider, and select the Cable that matches these requirements.

Pay attention to the line length to ensure proper signal transfer and minimize signal loss.Look for the Cable with adequate shielding that protects against external interference, and choose the cable type that designs explicitly for your intended use.

Frequently Asked Questions For Coaxial Cable

1) What is a coaxial cable?

A coaxial cable is an electrical cable with a central conductor surrounded by a shield and insulating material.

2) What is a coaxial cable used for?

Coaxial Cable is commonly used to transmit high-frequency signals between devices, such as TV and internet data.

3) Is coaxial Cable still used for TV?

Yes, coaxial Cable is still widely used for TV signals, especially cable TV and over-the-air broadcasting.

4) What happens if your house doesn't have a coaxial cable?

If your home doesn't have a coaxial Cable, you may not be able to receive cable TV or use certain internet services that require coaxial Cable.

5) What are the advantages of coaxial Cable?

The advantages of coaxial Cable include high bandwidth, low signal loss, and resistance to electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for transmitting high-quality signals.

6) What are the applications of coaxial Cable?

A coaxial cable is used in applications such as cable TV, internet services providers, CCTV instrumentation, and military/ aerospace communication.

7) Why is it called a coaxial Cable?

It is called a coaxial Cable because it has two concentric conductors, the inner and outer conductor, that share the same axis.

8) Is coaxial Cable used for the internet?

Yes, coaxial Cable is used on the internet, especially in cable broadband networks.

9) Is coaxial faster than Ethernet?

Ethernet cables generally have higher bandwidth and can support faster data transfer rates than coaxial cables.

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