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Decades ago, we may not have anticipated the day when fans would be fitted in the bathroom and kitchen spaces. Presently, a ventilating fan, also known as an exhaust fan, is an indispensable element of the above-stated spaces of a residence. We are all well aware that an exhaust fan is the fastest possible way to eliminate odours from any area. A small exhaust fan can provide enclosed chambers with adequate ventilation, which is essential for a clean environment because bacteria accumulation can cause diseases. A ventilation exhaust fan can be installed in any space, but you must install it in areas where gas accumulation is more likely to occur, such as the kitchen or the toilet.

While a small exhaust fan for bathroom can keep the space well-ventilated, a kitchen exhaust fan can keep the space from accumulating gas.

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Choose From a Wide Range of High-Speed Exhaust Fans at GM Modular

If you are on a quest to hunt for the best exhaust fan for kitchen or bathroom of your opulent residence, end your search here! GM brings you the best range of exhaust fan and ventilating fan collections you will ever find on the market!

By visiting the GM Modular store near you, you can explore the GM exhaust fan range, which offers products such as the Moonlight Ventilation fan with LED light, FreshAir, the Afresh series, the Xenix series, the Ventilo series and many more.

Benefits of Having Exhaust/ventilation Fans in Kitchen & Bathroom

Any home requires adequate ventilation and fresh air. Therefore, installing an exhaust fan like the Euphony ventilation fan is essential for maintaining a clean atmosphere in the space and for extending the life of your home appliances and furnishings. Mould and mildew can prove damaging not only to objects but also to individuals living in space. They have the potential to cause asthma, allergies, and perhaps even severe fungal infections. An exhaust fan like the Eco Air and its different variations like the Eco Air NR, Eco Air HS, Eco Air HS with grill can provide particle-free air, which is essential for improving domestic health. Particular health problems may occur when there is insufficient ventilation in the kitchen and bathrooms. An exhaust fan is required to ventilate the space that is filled with hot or humid air in the atmosphere. This fan can aid in the removal of odours from areas that have limited or no ventilation and also help to reduce humidity levels.

Features of GM Modular Exhaust Fans

The GM Modular Exhaust Fans feature outstanding functionality, including a rust-proof body and blade that ensures high suction ability and durability. A GM exhaust fan, which comes in a variety of colours and sizes, has a protective front metal guard installed to keep birds and other foreign objects out of the space.

Frequently Asked Questions On Exhaust Fan

What is an exhaust fan?

An exhaust fan is a fan that can be utilised to control the interior environment by eliminating unpleasant odours, particles, smoke, humidity, and other contaminants from the atmosphere.

How does the exhaust fan work?

An exhaust fan removes odours, smoke, and moisture trapped in a room by venting them outside. The exhaust fan has a motor that turns its blades to pull air out of the room. The stale, humid, or polluted air is vented from the house via the exhaust vent.

Can an exhaust fan run continuously?

You must not leave an exhaust fan running for extended periods, particularly overnight. The bathroom exhaust fan should run for no more than 1 hour both during and after a bath or shower, which is more than sufficient time to dry out an average-sized bathroom space.

What is the difference between an exhaust fan and a ventilation fan?

The main difference between an exhaust fan and a ventilation fan is their application. An exhaust fan helps in eliminating contamination from indoor air in a home space, whereas a ventilation fan brings clean air into an enclosed area.

Does the exhaust fan consume more electricity?

No. An exhaust fan can use 30–40 watts of electricity. Generally speaking, if you use it for 6 hours each day, it will cost you between Rs. 35 and 65 per month.

What are the major features and benefits of GM Modular Exhaust fans?

The GM Modular Exhaust Fans come with superior functionality, with a rust-proof body and blade that ensure high suction capability as well as longer durability. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, a GM exhaust fan has a protective front metal guard installed in it to prevent birds or any foreign object from entering the space. Whether you pick an exhaust fan 12 inch in size or a 9-inch exhaust fan, a GM exhaust fan is a must-have addition to your residence or workspace.

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