Why Switch when you can TOUCH?

Updated on Oct 2021

Why Switch when you can TOUCH?

The spell of digitization is taking over the world. From smart homes to smart TV, from smartphones to smart speakers, and what not! Technology is not only making our lives effortless but also conveniently easy. With the expansion of numerous high-tech methodologies, we as humans are only asking more of it with each passing day. We always want things that are technologically infused with advanced features and are specifically designed to make our everyday lives better & improved. 

Let us talk about something very specific which has been in existence for many years and we make use of it at least once a day. Switches have been able to complete our needs not just by switching the appliances on or off but also by providing comfort and assistance. To improve your living and lifestyle GM came forward with its ultimate range of Touch Switches. 

Now you might be curious to know what will be so unique about Touch Switches? 

Adore - the GM range of Touch Switches is extraordinarily created to bring ease with assistance. What’s better than having a good switch technology that lets you control your home just at your fingertips making everyday life easier and simple. 

The Touch Switches are made with the perfect blend of aesthetics and with a defined and sleek body design. The switches just need a gentle touch to be able to function. Strong graphic clarity and straightforward design will surely make your abode look minimalistic yet beautiful in appearance. 

The switches can be easily installed and also requires less maintenance. Touch Switches are known for their durability and are specifically created keeping in mind the individual user interface for the smoothest operation and experience. The switches are available in varied colours like glossy white, electric grey, graphite, magnesia, and black gold which can be easily balanced with the theme of your interiors or decor!

Do you know what is more exciting and unique about the Adore-Touch Switches? The Adore range of switches comes along with a remote. Yes, you read it right, the remote control allows the user to control the appliances like lights, fans, blinds/drapes through the nominated key. Now you don’t have to be physically present near the switchboard for functioning your appliances. 

These switches are produced considering all the advantages and taking into account the need of the time. Available at affordable prices Adore switches are a perfect choice. GM is popularly known for the varied range of switches of premium qualities that also adds safety to your place, convenience and sophistication to your and home and office. Add a touch of class with GM Adore Switches!