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Purchasing an apartment or investing in a new commercial space inspires a keen interest in designing and planning the interiors. From adding LED lights to give the space an aesthetic, luxurious ambience to installing sleek switchboards in the space to amp up the elegance and make it more functional. A GM fan at this time remains an inevitable addition. Yes, you read that right! Starting its journey with the manufacturing of switches and advancing towards home automation and LED lighting, GM Modular has now moved a step forward in offering its clients comfort and convenience hidden in yet another groundbreaking appliance—the GM Fan.




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Choose from a Wide Range of Table Fans at GM Modular

With so many different types of table fans available on the market today, it might be difficult to choose the right high-speed table fan. At GM, you can expect only the highest quality table fans with stunning design and functionality. At GM you can find the finest table fans, such as the AIR Mobile Mini Table Fan, AIR Personal Fan, AIR 180 Personal Fan, DYNAMO Multipurpose Fan, BOLT and LIVO.

Benefits of Having Table Fans at Home

Table fans are essential for a home that requires a cooling atmosphere. Its growing demand and increasing popularity have made it one of the most cost-effective investment options throughout the year. In addition to that, table fans have several other advantages. Let's take a peek at some:

1. Ease of portability: You can easily carry this masterpiece of innovation from one room to another with minimum effort.

2. Space-saving appliances: Table fans do not take up too much space and are nothing like bulky home appliances. So, if your space is small or if you live in a studio apartment, this is a perfect pick for you!

3. Energy efficient: Table fans consume less electricity in comparison to other fans and air conditioners. So, bid adios to high electricity bill expenses.

4. Affordable: Table fans come at an affordable price without compromising on the cooling airflow and durability.

Designer Table Fans for Your Home

A fan was previously used to provide ventilation as well as cool air in the space it was installed in. However, its role today is no longer limited to providing ventilation. A GM table fan, for instance, is engineered with cutting-edge technology to soothe your senses, add comfort to the atmosphere, offer additional advanced utility to the space, and add value to the aesthetic appeal of your residence. If you are looking for a sleek selection of designer table fans, GM Modular is the place for you!

Features of High-Speed Table Fans

The GM Modular high-speed table fans are ideal for use in the home. If you are confused about what GM table fan to purchase, check out their features and pick the right one for you!

The Livo SP table fan is pleasing to the eyes as well as the other senses. The astonishingly modern exterior perfectly meets the requirement for an appealing appearance as well as brilliant functionality. It has an elegant design with a wider base for greater stability, and it generates an exhilarating breeze. The LIVO table fan has the following specifications:

1.Sweep – 400mm

2.Wattage – 60

3.Speed – 1325

4.Air Delivery – 75

5.Material – Polypropylene

6.Frequency – 50Hz

7.Voltage – 220V-240V

8.Warranty – 25 Months

9.Colours – Burgundy, Blue, White, Grey and Yellow

The Bolt table fan creates a rejuvenating ambience by releasing fresh air. It not only makes you happy, but it also makes the interiors look amazing. It fits in nicely in the room, and its features and qualities make the fan instantly likable. The BOLT table fan has the following specifications:

1.Sweep – 400mm

2.Wattage – 130

3.Speed – 2050

4.Air Delivery – 90

5.Material – Polypropylene

6.Frequency – 50Hz

7.Voltage – 220V-240V

8.Warranty – 25 Months

9.Colours – Burgundy, Blue and White

Frequently Asked Questions On Table Fan

Are table fans better than ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans circulate air from the ceiling into your space. Table fans circulate air too, but the airflow of table fans is outward. Table fans are easy to install, portable, and can be moved from one room to another with minimal effort. Since both table and ceiling fans have advantages and disadvantages, you can pick the fan of your choice depending on your needs and the space you want to install the fan.

Which consumes more electricity: ceiling fan or the table fan?

A ceiling fan consumes more electricity in comparison to a table fan.

How to choose the best table fan?

To choose the best table fan for your home, you must consider a few factors before making the purchase.

1. Pick the right fan size for your space. The larger the fan size, the greater the amount of airflow it will offer. A small table fan would do as well for a smaller space, though.

2. Pick a noise-less fan for the space to create a calm, soothing environment.

3. Table fans often come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, plastic and metal. Each of these materials comes with its own set of benefits. For example, stainless steel table fans work wonderfully for an open space, whereas plastic table fans can come at a cheaper price and still serve your convenience for smaller spaces.

4. The oscillation of the table fans is yet another important factor of consideration.

How long can we use a table fan?

Table fans are sleek additions to your home. Other than being functional and aesthetically appealing, it must also be a durable product. The average life expectancy of table fans is about 12 years. As long as you care for your home appliances, you can keep your worries regarding table fans losing their functionality anytime soon.

What should I look for when buying a table fan?

When you finally decide to invest in table fans, consider the area of the room you want to install them in; the right size and colour of the table fan; ease of portability; fan speed and power consumption; the material best suitable to meet your requirements; and don’t forget to select the best table fans with a noiseless feature installed in them.

What are the major features and benefits of GM Modular Table Fans?

The GM table fans' astonishingly contemporary exterior masterfully fulfills the need for both an alluring appearance and excellent functionality. The bodies of these table fans are elegantly designed with a wider base for enhanced stability, and they exude an exhilarating cool air. These table fans are available in a variety of colours and provide excellent air delivery and fan speed.


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