Cuba Music |Tune Into The Carnival Of Music!

Updated on Oct 2021

Cuba Music |Tune Into The Carnival Of Music!

Just as we need oxygen, the same way people need music to survive on! Since many generations music has turned out to be the most integral part of our lives. Be it from starting your morning workout routine to completing the daily errands. From humming to your favourite song while travelling to setting the right vibe for a romantic date night. You name it and music has it all!

To set your circumstances appropriately, GM has a range of earphones, headphones, and speakers which will fit your needs accordingly.

i) N100VM - Wireless Neckband:

You know you are a music addict when you cannot start your morning workout routine without music. Running or walking would feel incomplete until you listen to a zestful tune or song. Specifically designed for sports, N100VM - Wireless Neckband with dual dynamic drivers fits the need of people who are highly health enthusiasts.

Simply connect the N100VM Wireless Neckband with your phone’s Bluetooth and derive the pleasure of endless music affair. Forget the days when you tripped over the entanglement of wires and embrace this trouble-free & wireless neckband.

The N100VM Wireless Neckband comes with a standby time of 300 hours. It is easy to carry and wear. You can control the music and calls with buttons on it. Also, it has an elegant magnetic design, which stops the music when the magnets are attached.

Unlike other earphones, the neckband stays stable around the neck. Even if you walk, run, travel in a crowded bus or train, all you need is that perfect neckband around, always at your service.

ii) H100BL - Wireless Headphone:

With the advancement in technology, we always look for products that are easy to carry, light in weight, and yet which are extraordinarily stylish! Also, when it comes to headphones one will always look for these qualities.

H100BL - Wireless Headphones comes with an amazing battery capacity of 1050mAH. Even if you run out of battery you can easily switch to the wired mode! The headphones are designed according to users’ needs, which is effortlessly foldable, stretchable, and rotatable. It has a multi-function button to control your music. It also has an active noise cancellation control, which means there would be no interruption of exterior noise.  

There’s no hurdle while playing your music as the headphone is capable of working up to 36 hours with 2 - 3 hours of charging. The most exceptional feature about this earphone is that it has blind spot accessibility which guides visually impaired people using audio prompts and directional clues provided by Bluetooth-connected smartphones.

iii) E100BL - Hi-Fi Wireless Speakers:  

Pandemic has really changed the way we party. It has shifted from noisy clubs to house parties with close friends and to make your parties more special and unforgettable, one needs good sound quality speakers.

E100BL - Hi-Fi Wireless speakers have a super bass port for superior sound. It comes with a 2500mAH rechargeable battery which provides 4+ hours of playback on charging for 1.5 to 2 hours. The speaker can be connected via Bluetooth or the AUX.

Easy to carry anywhere and yet sophisticated the speakers are compatible with multiple devices like iPod, iPad, smartphones, laptops, and desktop. The Bluetooth speaker clears the clutter of wires and makes it more functional with the built-in microphone to answer calls hands-free.

iv) E100VM - Portable Hi-Fi Earphones and E100 Wired Earphones:

Wired earphones will never truly go out of style. One will always look for some unique specifications while buying it. GM wired earphones to have a metallic and glossy body which makes it look trendy and classy. The earphones have active noise cancellation control which reduces surrounding and background noises.

Your music and calls can be controlled with a button and are compatible with tablets, smartphones/mobile phones, iPod/MP3 players, and laptops. It has a standard 3.5mm stereo plug with a built-in mic. The earphones come with adjustable earbuds in sizes as small, medium, and large. For a quality sound, it provides extra bass to your music.

Nothing’s better in this world with uninterrupted music and a stylish headset to flaunt!