Guide on buying a good quality ceiling fan

Updated on Oct 2021

Guide on buying a good quality ceiling fan

A fan is a sensible solution to home comfort. With so many brands and designs available in the market, it becomes challenging to select a reliable brand. Everything at GM begins with making lives full of comfort and contentment. Whether you are redeveloping your home or simply want to replace your existing ceiling fans, you must invest in a good quality fan that lasts long and which proves to be worth every penny! Below are the points that homeowners should consider while purchasing a ceiling fan. 



Identifying where you want to install the fan is the first and most important point one needs to consider. Be it your living room, bedroom, guest room, kitchen, or balcony every nook will need a different type of fan depending on the room size. 


Blades are the second most important feature one should look at while choosing a ceiling fan. Whether you want a traditional blade or more of a sophisticated pattern, the number of the blade is much more important to its functionality than its appearance. 

Often people assume that more blades are capable of delivering more air and covering a larger area which is just a myth. Many fans come with four or five or even more blades that seem aesthetically appealing to the eyes, but it is suggested that one should always opt for 3 blades by considering the room size for efficient movement of air.


Energy Efficient: 

If you’re trying to diminish your electricity bill, setting up ceiling fans in the area where you spend most of your hours will be a great start. Using an air conditioner takes up a lot of energy, whereas ceiling fans at GM are specifically designed to be energy efficient which comparatively consumes less energy and provides great comfort. Now you will never have to worry about paying hefty bills. 

Motor & Lifespan: 

When buying a ceiling fan, one should never compromise the quality of the motor. A technologically good & advanced motor will make the functionality of the fan smooth as well as maximum air movement.

The fans at GM are developed with a powerful motor of high-grade copper. The high-quality motor not only delivers superior air but also boosts the lifespan of the fan. GM provides a warranty period of 25 - 36 months on ceiling fans.


Style & Design:  

Now that we have acknowledged the technical part, we also need to look at the style and designs that will amalgamate well with the interiors of your home. For that, you will have to bear in mind the colour of your walls and the decor of your home. The fans are available in aesthetically pleasing designs and colours to suit your preferences. 


Why GM fans?

Energy-efficient powerful motor, pre-lubricated closed type double ball bearing, heavy-duty capacitor, extra copper, and extra screw for added safety is what makes GM fans stand out from every brand. It is available in varied ranges for you to choose from.

Assorted designs, aerodynamically designed blades for superior air delivery, elongated blades, uninterrupted rotation, and high speed not only make the atmosphere simply refreshing but also creates an invigorating vibe. 


Delivering good air is the ultimate mantra of GM keeping in mind the higher productivity and lesser power usage.