5 Amazing Benefits of Using Modular Switches at Home

Updated on Mar 2023

5 Amazing Benefits of Using Modular Switches at Home

We all are surrounded by electrical appliances in our day-to-day lives. These become a regular part of our daily life. It is very important for us to make sure these appliances are highly safe and secure. Modular Switches are infused with attractive features like hidden screws, anti-weld designs, smooth operation, shuttered sockets, and more. Modular switches for home are easy to assemble, install and use and these switches are high on safety concerns, unlike traditional switches. Traditional switches were exposed to metal screws and wiring which stood a chance of causing a mishap or shock. On the other hand, modular switches for home are free from any metallic parts on the switchboard. These switches ensure that there is no risk of electrical shock. Because of their aesthetics and as well as easier handling, they quickly gained popularity in the electrical switch market.

Modular switches have gained popularity across various end user verticals such as public sector, residential sector, health sector, banking sector, financial sector and industrial owing to the increase in technological awareness, improvement in lifestyle of indian population and rise in disposable income.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of using modular switches at home.

1) Ensure safety for children:- When we talk about baby-proofing a home, the first and foremost fact that comes to our mind is, a baby inserting his/her finger in an electrical socket. This is the most dangerous zone. While using the latest switches for home safety is the main concern. Modular switches are comparatively aesthetic in design and features. It includes child-proof sockets which is the best advantageous feature of modular switches in India. It includes a huge aesthetic appeal to the walls.

2) Design & Colour:-With the changing times, waves of modular switch design have brought a paradigm shift in the switch & socket space.  They have now overpowered traditional switch designs. Modular switches are stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Apart from that, they can be easily integrated into the interior and office furniture to give the house or office a complete look. They are available in different colours, sizes, and designs to harmonize with any interior. If you are planning to buy a new house or renovate an existing house, you can choose modular switches for your home at our website GM Modular. We have the latest switch models.

3)  Safety:- While using electrical equipment, safety is always a major concern. The modular switches had exposed metal screws that had the risk of falling out. If those were somehow unscrewed, the inner wiring would be exposed. If you have children at home installing a modular switch is always a good idea as a modular switchboard cannot be opened up so easily without a tool.]

4) Flexibility:- Modular Switches design are very practical when it comes to installation and maintenance work. They offer immense flexibility since they are easy to install and remove if you have a tool like a screwdriver. Due to the fast and user-friendly nature of modular switches, they can be easily found in most residential and commercial accommodations.

5) Multifunctionality:- One of the most significant benefits of modular switches is their multifunctionality. Thus, these modular switches are utilized for shifted purposes like robotization, security and information transmission, flagging, and considerably more. These switches can be utilized helpfully for hardcore applications alongside consistent schedule machines.

Modular switches can be used for different applications, like automation, security, and data transmission. These switches can be installed in different parts of the building in order to serve the different needs. If you want to decorate your home you can consider buying latest modular switches for home at our website GM Modular. GM Modular has given switch manufacturing a new identity in India.

The places we live in and how we retain them make many changes in our day-to-day lives. From the alluring exterior of the house to those surprising interiors, every detail is a worthy attention. But have you ever wondered that those beautiful walls in your home have the modern switches that need your attention too? We have stylish modular switches India in different colour, size and design. So, decorate your home with our GM Modular latest modular switches.