Switch to Modular Switches

Updated on Oct 2021

Switch to Modular Switches

Switches are vital for the overall workings of a home and yet often one of the neglected electrical accessories. With time, electrical switches have obtained the attention they deserve. Classic, modular, elegant, modish, exquisite, refined, contemporary, voguish you name the qualities and GM has it all that will enhance and transform the interior as well as the decor of your space. 


Modular switches are not only a modern home requirement but also the need to get over conventional switches. Supremely available in varied style, design, colours, materials, and finishes. GM is known as the most prestigious brand for the best modular switches in India. Further, the modular switches by GM are divided into a wide range of categories as specified below. 


1) Zenova, Zicono, Ziano & Zurico Switches:

Building your dream home with that flawless electrical accessories is not an elusive dream anymore. Modular switches that finely blend with the colour of your walls and your interiors or decor will surely make your abode look beautiful. 


The GM range of modular switches comprises a fascinating amalgamation of sleek and minimal designs. Zenova, Zicono, Ziano & Zurico are the switches where functionality and form come together resulting in the smoothest and noiseless operation. 


These switches are available in colours as Glossy White, Electric Grey, Graphite, Magnesia, and Black Gold. The gentle switching mechanism and suave structure make it the most desirable switch at every home without a doubt. 


2)  G- Magic Switches: 

Sometimes the most basic things leave a remarkable impression on one’s mind. With GM’s, G-Magic mini-modular series even the simplicity will shine through. And for obvious reasons, the values of excellence, functionality, and reasonable cost are merged in our products that are ready to assist you every day. 


G-Magic is precisely designed keeping in mind the very basic requirements of every home. The switches might be an insignificant element, but it adds life to your basic needs be it just by switching the lights on, turning a fan on, or a socket that is connected to your charger without which you won’t be able to charge your phone. 


With G-Magic your every need is fulfilled. The glossy and shiny cover plates are available in a range of colours. Choose your desired range and easily install them in your space. 


3) Cover Plates:

Just as the colour defines your walls the same way little home decor items describe your interiors and aesthetics. And when it comes to your kid’s room, you will always look for something that is colourful, bright, and lively. 


With GM your fantasies can come true. Kids nowadays cherish fancy things and always want something which is exceptional and exclusive. The GM Disney switch cover plates will not only enhance your child’s room but will also become your child’s everyday companion. 


Discover various timeless characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, etc, and install one of your child’s favourites in their room.