Shine Brighter with SHINE LED Luminaire

Updated on Oct 2021

Shine Brighter with SHINE LED Luminaire

Everyone has different solutions when it comes to renovating their home. For some, it particularly means changing the furniture around the house, choosing what paint will go with the wall design, or maybe tweaking the house’s aesthetics by adding decor pieces like an antique vase or a bookshelf. People tend to go out of their way and budget to make their home look like heaven, feel like heaven. We often forget that these things can be achieved by changing the simplest component that is either overlooked or not given their due credit. 


Although other factors have been the major attention gobblers in terms of home decor, lights can only enhance the scene of the house. A blend of aesthetic arrangement on the wall and subtle but bright indoor wall lights can revamp your house like no other. Be it a painting, an indoor plant, or even a couch, a small wall light on top can create a spotlight effect that can make your space look like something straight out of an art gallery. Apart from the decor aspect, wall lights are handy for individual lighting. These lights are placed conveniently at your reach so that you can direct the light as per usage. For instance, if you like to read a book on a sleepless night, all you have to do is direct the wall light placed beside your bed for comfortable reading rather than turning on the ceiling lights, illuminating the whole room. 


Keeping the little details in mind, GM presents SHINE LED Luminaires- an amazing range of wall lights and pendant lights- to deliver a convenient lifestyle for smart homeowners. These lights are designed to make the room a scene to behold with just the right amount of brightness and contemporary designs. With impeccable lighting and efficient functioning, these wall lights are a must-have. Besides their luminous wonder, these mounted lights are flexible with a sturdy aluminium body and made with innovation that exceeds regular utility. Or maybe a little more than that? Let’s find out!


Indoor Spotlights with Mobile Charging: This wall light adds so much more to your home than what meets the eye. The robust design already adds poise to the walls but the in-built USB jack and a phone holder make it more than just a wall lamp. For wireless age smart homes, you can buy the indoor wall light with the Qi charging pad for wireless charging of your mobile phones. The adjustable spotlight is also available with an indirect ring light that will amp up your reading experience and the ambiance of your room. 


Rotatable Wall Lights: No matter how compact the light source is, turn it in the right direction and there will be light! Such is the thought that went in SHINE LED rotatable wall lights. These wall lights can be mounted in any room and have a robust aluminium body that can rotate up to 340° shedding gleams of comfort in every direction you see. 


Indoor Pendant Lights: The SHINE series Pendant Lights hang delicately in your room making it effortlessly luxurious. Besides illuminating the room, Pendant lights can be molded into a piece that can make any room a plush space. Suitable for every home, a pendant light can set a calming atmosphere with its soft light. It is often said that lights affect your mood more than you think, but with GM SHINE LED Luminaires, it will always be a  good time.