Journey From Conventional Switches to Modern Switches

Updated on Oct 2021

Journey From Conventional Switches to Modern Switches

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an Innovation.” - Dean Kamen


An electrical switch, without a doubt, is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Turning on a light bulb instantaneously by merely pressing a button was nothing less than magic! It opened a gateway to so many possibilities and was a breakthrough in terms of how we communicated with our tools, mainly electricity. The first-ever switch mechanism was used by John Henry Holmes in 1884. Then came the cutting-edge invention of toggle switches which are still around to this day. Invented in 1917 by William J Newton, toggle switches were more responsive with a safer closing and opening of the circuit which paved the way for the technology that we use in switches today. 


The conventional switches that are widely used today came into existence in the mid-50s and have been constantly improving and advancing ever since. For people who were born before the 2000s, conventional switches were an omnipresent element of our generational household’s electrical network. These switches were entirely focused on just the functionality; turning your electricals on and off, nothing more. Conventional switches usually have a tough plastic or wooden body with visible screws on the exterior. They have a lot of wiring and connections in the background which can get disheveled if something goes wrong. Although it may seem to have its fair share of disadvantages, conventional switches were comparatively affordable, easily available, and replaceable which made it a feasible choice for decades.


So what needed to be changed?


Things were looking A-OK but our environment demands change. Just when we thought something as simple as a light switch doesn’t require any upgrade, the market turned towards advancement, and a change was called upon. A change called luxury. Nowadays when someone decides to refurbish their home, it’s not just about changing the technical aspects or the furnishing, but rather how much they can make their home look dynamic and up to the minute. People started seeking out solutions for their homes that worked smart and looked even smarter. 


Modular switches are one such innovation that has managed to change how we look at electrical switches today. The most commendable part about modular switches is their design. Apart from doing what switches are supposed to do, i.e to switch appliances on/off, modular switches are designed to be safer, durable, and with a sleek exterior that will add zing to your wall! In terms of safety and durability, the upgrade from visible screws on conventional switches to resilient and polished modular switches the latter’s design is made to prevent electrical mishaps that may have happened in former cases. Although modular switches have been revolutionary in the world of switches, it is always advisable to choose a reliable brand for optimum performance. That being said, one of the pioneers in making modular switches and accessories is GM.


GM acing it with their exemplary range of modern switches!


With a longing ambition, GM has steered towards making lives as elegant and comfortable as possible. With their assorted range of aesthetic modular switches and switch plates, GM has set a benchmark for quality switches and accessories. You can choose from an array of modular switches and smart switches. From the Mini Modular range G-Magic to the all Extraordinaire GX series, GM believes in catering luxurious innovation to every place that you can call home.