All You Need to Know About LED Lights For Your Home

Updated on Mar 2023

All You Need to Know About LED Lights For Your Home

Everything You Need to Know About LED Lights: Advantages, Uses, Types & More!

LED lighting has been around for some years now, and they are appropriate for many lighting applications, both industrial, and residential. LED lights are designed to produce a lot of light from a small form factor while maintaining their fantastic efficiency. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and it is a type of diode that turns electrical energy into light. For the unversed, a diode is an electrical component that works in only one direction. To put it simply, LED lights are like tiny bulbs, that need a lot less power to light up and are much more efficient in producing high light outputs.

While switching to LEDs is not only an energy-saving but also a cost-effective option. However, a lot of people still have doubts about whether is it worth changing to LED lights. Hence we have compiled this article that highlights all that you need to know about this efficient lighting option.

From all the technical details to the different types of LED lights for home, and more, keep reading further for detailed insights!

How are LED Lights Different From Other Light Sources?

LEDs differ from other lighting sources such as incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs in several ways. Incandescent light bulbs have filaments that glow, thus producing both light and heat when electricity flows through them. However, in the case of LED lights, the energy is released in the form of electrons that flow to create photons. Thus, LEDs emit very less heat.

Moreover, unlike other forms of lighting, which emit light and heat in all directions, a single LED chip emits light in a specific direction. Thus LEDS eliminate the need for reflectors and diffusers, which can trap the light.

When designed well, LEDs can be more efficient, versatile, and last longer, such as the ones available at GM Modular!

Types of LED Lights for Home

There are different kinds of LED lights that have been designed over years, which have found their application in various forms. From LED strip lights, Led panel, Led wall lights, and more, here are the various types of LEDs -

Miniature LED Lights -

These are extremely small in size and come in a single color or shape. You will see these types of lights in remote controls, calculators, and mobile phones used as indicators.

Dimmable LED lights -

This light works by creating a dimming effect, and you will find this light is used for creating a unique setting, such as in bedrooms. They can come in the form of led strip lights for ceilings, or led lights for bedrooms.

 High Power LED lights -

These LEDs deliver higher levels of brightness as a result of several improvements that have been made in LED technology over the years.

Lighting LED lights -

These light bulbs are found in many homes, and often take the shape of the traditional Edison light bulb which has been used for many years.

 Flashing LED lights -

These LED lights are used in places where the idea is to attract attention, such as in storefront signage, automobile indicators, and so on.

Benefits of Choosing LED lights

Well, without any further ado, let us get into the various benefits of investing in LED lights for your space -

Long-lasting -

LED lights for home or for industrial purposes, can last 2-4 times as long as the other traditional light sources.

Cost-effective -

LEDs save energy up to 80-90% in comparison to conventional light bulbs. This reduces energy consumption, which thereby helps in saving money by lowering electricity bills.

Energy-efficient -

One of the most significant advantages of LEDs is that they are energy efficient, and require less wattage to power than other conventional light sources.

Produces less heat-

LEDs produce less heat because they used heat sinks to absorb the heat produced by it, and dissipate it into the surrounding environment. This keeps LED lights from overheating and burning out.

Contemporary Range of LED Lights at GM Modular 

Now that you are well-versed in all that you need to know about LED lights. It is time for you to shop for LED lights for your home! And to help you with the best buy, at GM Modular we have got you a contemporary range of LED lights for all kinds of different lighting applications in residential projects!

So, get ready to add the magic of illumination to your residential space with home lighting options from GM modular. Our products are inherently designed by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and designed by ingenious designers. So, browse through our collection of LED lights for home, which features - led strip lights, led panels, led wall lights, and more, all handpicked for you!

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