Swing by the extraordinary

Updated on Oct 2021

Swing by the extraordinary

As soon as the festival of Holi passes by, the season of spring begins its tour spreading the heat and humidity all around. When the temperature outside rises it becomes mandatory to maintain the inside temperature of your home. With summers just around the corner, the most common cooling device - fan and air conditioner have been our constant buddy. But with the change in environmental conditions and the rising humidity, even the fans and air conditioners tend to disappoint us. Therefore, investing in a good-quality pedestal fan will be extremely beneficial for soothing ventilation.


Pedestal fans have been around in the market for a long time. It is best known for its portability. Comparatively, if we talk about ceiling fans then these fans are just mounted on the ceiling providing air to a specific area. But with pedestal fans, you can take them anywhere in your house and set them according to your need which only requires a single power socket to function. 


With so many brands, designs, and features available in the market for pedestal fans, it becomes tricky to choose or find what suits you best. But worry no more, we have got you covered. Now you will not have to stroll around in the market for hours looking for the best Pedestal Fan. The Zephyr Pedestal Fan by GM is the Reddot Design Award Winner pedestal fan for its neat and appealing design and body structure. 


While buying anything we always look for products that offer multiple features and also have an infusion of modish and sleek qualities. And when it comes to pedestal fans we prefer that it has a good quality motor, is energy efficient and various other parameters before purchasing. Below are some of the exceptional features of the Zephyr pedestal fan. 

The greatest comfort of a pedestal fan is its portability. After a long day at work when we return home, all we look for is a few minutes of peace and relaxation. And during summers this desire is never-ending. We do all know how sweaty traveling in public transports during summer can be. Imagine returning home, and you plug in the Zephyr Pedestal fan for refreshing air which makes you forget all your worries and assures the best calming experience. Also, the major advantage of a pedestal is you can easily move it with ease anywhere around your home.

Imagine how irritating it would be while you are having an important conversation and all you could hear is the continuous humming sound from your old pedestal fan. To prevent this noise, the Zephyr Pedestal fan comes with a BDLC motor. The BLDC motor helps in quiet operation plus it consumes only 20 watts of power which makes it energy efficient. 

The older your fan gets the more it is prone to rust. Rust on the blades can affect the metal and make them weak. It will also affect the overall functioning of the fan and the air it delivers. But it is not the same with Zephyr Pedestal Fan. Zephyr fan comes with transparent anti-rust blades. Anti-rust coating keeps the metals protected and lubricated from harmful chemicals. 

Nothing is more comfortable than controlling the Zephyr Pedestal Fan with remote control. The remote control gives you a handy option to control speed while you are chilling and in no mood to move. Accessing your fans by remotes makes it convenient if by any chance there is an elder or sick person at home since they can independently control it. It also has a good speed of 1100 RPM as well as 120° oscillation for maximum airflow.

The Zephyr Pedestal Fan comes with 25 months of warranty and is available in silver and white colour. You can choose your own style and flaunt it in your desired space!