i-Dock Music: Embrace the wireless music experience!

Updated on Oct 2021

i-Dock Music: Embrace the wireless music experience!

Gone are the days when people actually downloaded the songs from the web, which has now been taken over by a variety of music apps. The world is still evolving a lot digitally. Everything is processed online, be it your regular TV shows or movies - the same way music has changed its avatar.

With GM’s innovative i-Dock, rediscover the music and let your walls sing! It can be easily connected with your iPhone via Bluetooth. You will never have to worry about space utilization in your living area, as the i-Dock is a sleek & modish, and wall-mounted speaker, that stays intact in a place.

Your music can now be shuffled using the gesture control feature. One can simply change the songs by commanding SIRI. Life will be much easier for receiving and ending calls with a simple wave of the hand.

i-Dock includes a range of features such as a Bluetooth version of 3.0. It has a charging dock for the iPhone 5 and all the iPhone models above it. One will truly admire the wireless charging dock because it is hassle-free, also it cut down the entanglement of cables. The i-Dock supports the iPod touch too.

With the trends of music changing day-by-day, adapt the most convenient way of playing your music leisurely without any hindrance. Connect yourself with a smart product and reinvent your life.