Warning signs to know if your Power Socket or Switch needs an upgrade

Updated on Oct 2021

Warning signs to know if your Power Socket or Switch needs an upgrade

We regularly modernize our home with the changes in trends or technology. Be it furniture, interior, the colour of your walls, or just the newly launched Smart TV. We think it is important that with time we change and adapt to the newly launched inventions. But we always tend to miss out on things that we think are small but are relevantly essential to us in our daily life. 

Ever thought about the Tick-Tock sound your switch makes needs a change or is asking for an upgrade. People often overlook such small things which are capable of causing a huge mishap. Here are some signs that one should know if your power socket or switch needs an upgrade.

1) Flickering & Dimming: 

You just finished watching a horror movie and you feel like using the washroom. As soon as you step inside, the lights of the washroom start to flicker and suddenly it gets dim inside. I know the situation just got scary and no, there’s no paranormal activity going on in your place. It’s just a sign that your power socket needs an upgrade. 

As suggested by electricians, it is really unsafe to ignore the flickering and dimming of the lights. Flickering might seem harmless, but it can be a serious underlying problem in the electrical wiring or loose connections which is capable of in resulting fire and danger to the property as well as human life.

2) Overheated power outlets: 

The only heated appliance in your home should be your toaster or the iron and not their outlets. Overheating of the power outlet is one of the universal problems. The cause of overheated power outlets are many, but the very primary source is electrical overload.  

It is considered that a little warmness on the switch plate is still normal, but an unusual heat or warmness is the indication of something harmful. Limiting the number of power strips can help prevent overheating of the outlets. Avoid using too many power strips in a single outlet. 

3) Fishy Odour:

You should always trust your senses when you smell a fishy odour coming from your electrical outlets. This can be a serious sign that you need to look after. You may also notice sparks, burns, or tingling sensations when you plug in any of your appliances. 

One of the major reasons for this can be damaged wiring, exposed wiring, circuit board overload, poor installation, or fire in the outlet box. You can prevent yourself from experiencing any mishaps by simply unplugging your device from the socket. 

4) Buzzing sounds:

Usually, we ignore the buzzing sounds when connecting the appliances to the socket. It may lead to acute events which can be threatful to human life. When you hear the buzzing sound, it is literally your outlet sending you an SOS! Dodging the usage of such outlets can be proved as a smart move and also prevention from fire. 

Self-Help is not the solution every time

There are some electrical problems which we are capable of solving by ourselves, but there is a flock of others which we can’t. See that you get help from a professional and trained electrician who helps you in recognizing the problem and implementing a suitable solution for it. 


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