Time To Move on From Ding Dong Bells!

Updated on Oct 2021

Time To Move on From Ding Dong Bells!

Ringing the doorbells and running away has to be one of the oldest innocent pranks ever played. We all did it at least once as kids just for the thrill of sprinting as the doorbell goes “DING DONG!” Now imagine, instead of the typical ding dong sound, you’d get to hear maybe your favorite tune. Would you run? That will have my attention! I know, it’s just a doorbell, but that is the first thing that welcomes your dear ones and guests to your home.


Doorbells have been around since the start of the 20th century in some form or the other, if not electrical doorbells - alerting that someone is at the door. It has always been the first point of interaction in a home security structure. Initially, the doorbells used expensive batteries and had a shrill electrical noise. But the noise was eventually changed to the classic ‘Ding Dong’ ringing bells and expensive batteries were replaced with a transformer, integrating them with the household’s power supply. 


Like everything now, doorbells are not something that is ignored while building your dream home. Today, there are a lot of choices available that can easily replace the superseded ‘Ding Dong’ bells. When talking about which brands to choose from, it is important to invest in a reliable brand with an impeccable range of products. One such brand is GM Modular. To greet your dear ones with the warmest welcome, GM adds an array of musical, polyphonic, and wireless doorbells to the generic doorbells for every household. With innovation in mind and to add delight to your home, here are few types of electronic doorbells which can easily replace the old fashioned ding dong doorbells:


1) Musical Doorbells: A good tune can surely rejuvenate your mood. Music can only enhance a hearty welcome. GM presents a varied range of customizable multi-tune, polyphonic doorbells with up to 32 melodies to select from. These doorbells also have flashing LED lights of different color combinations that will be a charm for the eyes.  


2) Wireless Doorbells: In this day and age of the internet, everything is going wireless. The less something has to deal with wires, the more it is deemed advanced. Designed for convenience, Wireless doorbells by GM are a durable and credible choice for the new era doorbells. With fascinating features like remote control, volume control, 200-meter operating range, and shuffle function, you can now customize and store your music doorbells with the MP3 wireless doorbells and plugin wireless doorbells that will leave a great first impression.


3) Video Door Phones: When we talk about doorbells, we are ultimately talking about the security of our home. GM has an assortment of video door phones for smart homes that believe in smart security. Prominent features include real-time video streaming, audio/video recording, monitor to monitor calling facility, IR LED for night vision, motion sensor, and up to 12 polyphonic ringtones - which makes GM’s range of video door phones an ideal security solution for your home.