MCB - The New Age Saviour

Updated on Oct 2021

MCB - The New Age Saviour

Inventing a guarded atmosphere where your family and loved ones can evolve and prosper has been our top priority since the beginning! We have a lot of potential equipment and structure that could result in serious bodily harm, injuries, or even death of the people physically present at the home. Children falling into trap of trouble in absence of their parents is the most common concern of the working parents, and to avoid this they try to cross every possible lane to shield them. 


From door lock security to video door phones and even cameras people cover up their homes all in the name of security. But hardly anyone ever reflects on the small electrical accessories which seem insignificant to us. It’s high time that we upgrade from the Fuse to MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) which safeguards us. 


What is MCB?

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is an electromechanical device intended to secure electrical circuits from power overload or short circuits. A power overload can cause problems when too many electrical appliances are plugged into a single powerpoint. Earlier, as a measure of protection, we made use of a fuse that was extremely dangerous to handle as compared to MCB. It is also necessary to know that MCB does not protect against electrical shock or earthing to humans. MCB comes in varied sizes and types depending upon the requirement.


We have precisely picked some of the major advantages of MCBs below. 


i) Handling MCBs electrically is extremely harmless than a fuse. MCBs are an improved version of a fuse and it eliminates any large operating charges. 


ii) The main reason for short circuits can be many such as damage to the appliance, fire, or even electrical shock. MCBs instantly identify irregularity in the current flow and switch off the electrical circuit automatically. Therefore, MCBs are known to be more sensitive to current than fuse.


iii) Fuse may be the cheapest form of an electrical device to prevent short circuits, but it is also capable of causing permanent damage to humans or property. In such cases, MCB detects the excessive current and breaks the circuit. 


iv) Handling an MCB during the time of any electrical mishap is much easier than a fuse. In the case of the fuse, the user is exposed to live wires which can be a threat to life.


v) MCBs automatically switches to an off position when it senses any abnormality. Due to this, it becomes easier to figure out the problem. 

vi) The quick restoration of the power supply is possible in the case of MCB. All you will have to do is turn on the knob to the ON position. Whereas, in the case of fuse the whole apparatus requires a replacement which is a very tedious process. 


vii) The best quality of MCB is that it can be reused again. 


It is always suggested that you invest in good quality products as well as a reliable brand. GM comprises various Home Protection systems and you can always browse through different categories online and choose what suits you best!