GM i-Fi PRO Wi-Fi Switches | When the Internet Meets Switches!

Updated on Oct 2021

GM i-Fi PRO Wi-Fi Switches | When the Internet Meets Switches!

Switches in a normal sense, are nothing but an instrument to turn on/off or manage our electrical appliances at home. Although it may seem like something that does not require much attention, if you think about it, we cannot go about our daily lives without switches. Our lives are nothing but a constant series of changes and these switches are no exception. Like everything around us, switches have gone through tremendous changes with time. From traditional electrical switches to aesthetically redefined modular switches, a lot of the aspects of appearance, safety, efficiency, and durability have changed for good. We have come a long way from clicking buttons to communicate with our electrical devices, it’s about time we catch up with the internet age.

GM proudly welcomes you to the digital age with their GM i-Fi PRO - an intelligent range of WiFi Switches as an addition to GM i-Fi Automation. GM i-Fi PRO Wi-Fi switches are exactly the need of the hour when it comes to catering future-proof technology to your homes. All you have to do is upgrade the existing switches and wirings in your home by installing i-Fi PRO Wi-Fi switches, connect it to your Wi-Fi or 4G connection, and just like that, your home is a smart home! Quick and easy. Experience hassle-free communication with these feather touch panels on the wall and smart Wi-Fi switches as the power to control your home is entirely in your hands; which is your smartphone. These switches use the Internet of Things (IoT), a smart technology of the digital age that connects your home electronics to your WiFi or 4G connection, with which you can monitor and schedule lights, fans, drapes, ACs, etc, using GM Konnect application on your smartphone. 

Apart from the seamless connectivity and performance, GM i-Fi PRO Wi-Fi smart switches will beautify your smart home with their fine leather-like yet solid switch plates which are available in different shades of classic white, brown and black. Also, these are subtly backlit switches which makes it easy to find in a dark room. The glass touch switch has a neat and accurate sensor allowing you to dim lights, regulate fans, with minimal effort. These elegant touch switches come in a series of functions suiting your requirements in your home. The range mainly comprises 4 essential Wi-Fi touch switches:

 Light Dimmer: Believe it or not, lighting affects your mood more than you think. Smart lighting is so much more than just remotely turning it on/off. That is exactly what’s notable about the GM i-Fi PRO Light Dimmer. Now you can dim or brighten your lights as per your desire and create an ambiance that best suits your well-being. 

Touch Fan Regulator: The smart 5-step touch fan regulator is the much-needed change that is required from the traditional turn-and-click fan regulator. With just a touch you can adjust the fan speed to your liking which in itself will be a unique experience. And of course, if you’re already at your cozy spot, you can do the same using the GM Konnect application at the comfort of your couch. 

Smart Drapes Controller: Imagine your drapes opening at the time of sunrise and closing at the time of sunset, on their own. Wouldn’t that be just magical? Well, this is very much possible with the GM i-Fi Pro Drapes controller. You can simply schedule when you want the drapes to be opened or closed and it shall happen. The smart touch switch also allows you to manage your drapes with one simple touch.

One-Touch Door Lock: Convenience and security are what the GM i-Fi PRO Door Lock is all about. Now you don’t have to fuss about going all the way to the main door from your bedroom if you are expecting someone. All it takes is one touch and you can let your dear ones in your house, without actually getting to the main door!