G- Bus | Living Made Conveniently Luxurious!

Updated on Oct 2021

G- Bus | Living Made Conveniently Luxurious!

If anyone is asked what home means to them, the answers will always be something along the lines of a safe haven or a comfort zone. But what truly makes it a special place is that cozy feeling one gets where everything is just within arm’s reach. Just as the world is constantly evolving and improving, so is the need to make the tiniest aspects of everyday life better than how they were yesterday. 

It is often misunderstood that luxurious lifestyles compromise on convenience; particularly those things that look and feel elegant and posh outside, require a lot of work to maintain that level of quality. The trick here is to keep things simple yet astonishingly productive. Gone are the days when you had to move across the room just to turn on the fan. All we wished and waited for was someone to walk in, only to finally give in and do it ourselves. That may not be the case anymore, not with the kind of technology we have today.

As home automation has been an integral part of futuristic smart homes, GM with their revolutionary innovation of G-Bus -an intelligent home and building control system, decided to take it up a notch! With exquisite yet subtle design and skillful operation, G-Bus with KNX Automation Solutions - Austria, brings an excellent range of options for the efficient functioning of a smart home.

Tasks at home like switching and dimming of lights, fans, temperature control, blinds, and shutter control, and even security can effortlessly be carried out by one powerhouse that is the G-Bus Smart Control Home Automation which is available in 5’’ and 3.5’’ touch panels. Here are the few key highlights on why G-Bus is an ideal home automation solution for a modern home:

Integrated Installation:  G-Bus acts as a one-point control system of your smart home and hence, is an integrated element for the overall functionality of the home. It connects almost all the home electronics and appliances to one unified cloud system via the internet which can be managed through feather-touch panels and the G-Bus smartphone application with ease. 

Variety: It is available in a customizable Intelligent Touch Screen, 6 Button Touch Switch, and Push Button Series. As flawlessly efficient as the operation is, the elegant design and classic colors like Champagne Gold, Silver, and Wise Black will add a tinge of sophistication to your dream home.

Safe and Sound: G-Bus also ensures the overall safety of the home with smart security and detection systems such as the Smart Door Lock with an alarm system, Multifunction Thermostat,  Motion, and Presence Detectors quietly in action, giving you complete peace of mind. The Intelligent Software-based application also enables you to check and manage the ambiance and the security of your home through your smartphones.

Energy Efficient: With smart technology comes smart savings. When your home is managed with such an advanced system, where day to day to life is carried out so efficiently, saving on energy consumption is evident. This is easily possible with G-Bus as it allows Timed Operation Modes and automatically turns off lights, fans, AC, etc. when not in use. 

Additionally, keeping track of your home electronics from literally ANYWHERE around the world is not a distant dream anymore! The G-Bus Application gives you the overall control of your home from smartphones, tablets, PCs connected through Wi-Fi or 4G. One does not have to be tech-savvy to use the G-BUS application as it is extremely user-friendly and can be operated by anyone.   

GM’s G-Bus is what brings luxury and convenience together in the world of home automation. Home is that very place you start your day in and most importantly end coming back to. And what’s better than coming back home to a Conveniently Luxurious experience with G-Bus Home Automation.